Stop being island: reflections about a tunnel or bridge that connects Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego to continent

  • Cristopher Marchant Sepúlveda Codelco
Palabras clave: connectivity, territorial planning, technological challenge, megaproject


Because there is no ground transportation between the island and the mainland, transport between Tierra del Fuego island and South America is performed on ships and airplanes, without the regularity and frequency required for full regional integration. In this paper, we discuss the pros and cons of building and operating a bridge or tunnel in the narrowest parts of the Magellan strait. Regarding global experiences and studying the demographics, oceanography and geology of the area, it is concluded that the sector more conducive to realizing a bridge is the Primera Angostura, where such civil work would reach less than 5 kilometers long. Is expected as soon as possible having precise economic studies to refine the design and to define the bridge management system.


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