¿Why did democracies vanish in Latin América?

  • Jorge Andrés Pomar Rodríguez Universidad de Salamanca
Palabras clave: democracy, collapse, military, political, environmental good, cybernetics


This paper attempts to explain the reason why democracy in Latin America was missing during the 60´s and 70`s in the 20th century.  Many works and theories of political scientists and historians have been revised, identifying democracy as a system of administration as well as a kind of cultural obsession. The inability to solve problems is a fast track to disloyalty to the presidents. Further, the organizational structure does not offer opportunities for presidents to resign without damaging the political forces which they represented. If democracy is considered a highly valued good, social cybernetics based on an adequate monitoring system with actuators efficient and always loyal to the constitution, seems to be a strategy to avoid future collapses.


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