The seven myths in architectural detailing that are changing in the digital age

  • Gabriela Celani


Although not always given the necessary attention, architectural detailingis of extreme importance for many aspects of a building. It can defineits theoretical expression, production processes and sustainability issues.The objective of this paper is to discuss the changes in the practice ofarchitectural detailing with the recent introduction of new technologiesin the design and construction processes, such as digital modeling, rapidprototyping and digital fabrication, based on a review of the literature on thesubject. The paper starts with a summary of architectural detailing conceptsand theories from three different points of view: the design studio, buildingtechnology and theory and criticism. Next, some recent projects that usedigital fabrication are described, with a focus on detailing issues. Finally,conclusions are drawn about what is changing in architectural detailing,what abilities are now needed, and how they can be incorporated inarchitectural education.


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