2.2.2. Synthesis, crystal structure and biological activity of triphenyltin 4-acetylphenolate

Zhikun Liua, Yunsai Donga, Xiaoliang Zhengb, You Yua, Laijin Tiana,*


Abs t ract : Tr i ph en yl t in 4-a cet yl ph en ol at e, 4-

CH3COC6H4OSnPh3 (1), has been synthesized and characterized

by elemental analysis, IR, NMR (1H, 13C and 119Sn) spectra,

and X-ray single crystal diffraction. Compound  1 possesses

a trans-C3SnO2 trigonal bipyramidal geometry with the axial

positions occupied by the phenolate oxygen and carbonyl oxygen

of an adjacent molecule and form an one-dimensional infinite

chain. Bioassay results have shown that the compound has

good in vitro anti-bacterial and anti-tumor activities.

Supporting information: X-Ray (CIF file)

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