2.2.1. Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and crystal structure of [ReV(O)2(pyz)4][ReII(NO)Br4(pyz)] (pyz = pyrazine)

Mario Pacheco, Alicia Cuevas, Javier González-Platas, Carlos Kremer*


Abstract: A novel Re(V)-Re(II) nitrosyl complex, [Re(O)2(pyz)

4][Re(NO)Br4(pyz)] (pyz = pyrazine) was prepared and characterized

by X-ray diffraction, elemental analysis, infrared and

ultraviolet-visible absorption spectra. This product is obtained

in the initial steps of the reaction of (NBu4)[Re(NO)Br4(EtOH)]

with pyrazine. Both, the cation and the anion are mononuclear

complexes. The Re(V) atom in the cation is six-coordinate with

four nitrogen atoms from pyrazine ligands, and two oxo ligands.

The Re(II) anion is also six-coordinate, with four bromide

ligands, a linear nitrosyl group and one nitrogen from pyrazine.

The spectroscopic studies are discussed and compared with

those already reported separately for the cation and the anion.

Supporting information: X-Ray (CIF file)

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