3.1.3. Synthesis of orthorhombic sulfur by hydrogen sulide reaction with cobalt-doped lamellar vanadyl phosphate

José C.V. de Miranda, Deyse de S. Dantas, Robson F. de Farias*


Abstract: In the present work, cobalt-doped vanadyl phosphate

is synthesized and use to prepare orthorhombic sulfur by reaction

with hydrogen sulfide. The obtained X-ray florescence results

for the cobalt doped matrix are as follows: 93.36 % V2O5;

6.56% P2O5 and 0,08% Co2O3. The maximum H2S adsorption

capacity was measure as 44.3 mg of H2S per gram of matrix.

The interlayer distance (as measured by X-ray diffraction data)

in the cobalt-doped matrix is 0.52 nm. It is verified by SEM

images that orthorhombic sulfur crystals are formed.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21060/cis.v3i1.2005


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