2.1.1. Design, synthesis, structural, and spectra characterize of Metal (II) Formate complexes [M(O2CH)2]•n(Solvent) (M =Mn, Cu)

Si Yue Wei, Feng Ying Bai, Ge Song, Ya Nan Hou, Xue Ting Xu, Xiao Xi Zhang, Huan Zhi Zhang, Yong Heng Xing


Formate anion is the simplest carboxylate, compared with other carboxylate, it owns more excellent coordination ability. We used M(OAc)2·n H2O (M=Mn, Cu) as a raw starting material, hydrothermal synthesis methods assisted byDMF hydrolysis which produced the formyl were adopted to prepare metal(II) formates complexes, Mn(HCOO)3·NH2(CH3)2 (1) and Cu(HCOO)3·H3C2O3 (2). The as-prepared products were characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy, X-ray single-crystal, powder diffraction and thermogravimetric analysis. Structural analysis shows that complex 1 is three-dimensional grid shapes, and complex 2 is a 1D chain structure.

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